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Take Charge

Who: Fluxmob makes innovative, minimalistic products that offer both form and function.


What: The Bolt, the world’s smallest wall charger and battery backup in one.

  • Replaces your old phone charger, plugging directly into the wall and connecting to your device, allowing both to automatically charge
  • Made to be on the go and never taking up space, the Bolt weighs just 3.1 oz and the wall plug folds directly into the device, maintaining its sleek, minimalistic design.
  • Wherever you are, when your phone’s battery starts getting low just plug it directly into Bolt and watch your battery restore to 100%.
  • The battery is 3000mAh Samsung Li-Ion Battery, or enough power to fully charge an iPhone 6.
  • Choose from six colors: crimson, argon, graphite, pacific, tango, and stealth.

Where: Huntington Beach, California and ships nationally

Why: Never worry about your device’s battery life again with Fluxmob.

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