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No logos, no celebrities, just sound.

Who: Status Audio is a direct-to-consumer audio company. No retail stores, wholesalers, or distributors and no large marketing campaigns, celebrity endorsements, or PR companies. They stay lean so customers can get affordable headphones that retain competitive quality.


What: HD One Headphones

  • Detachable, anti-tangle headphone cable with one-button inline microphone + remote
  • 40mm drivers with deep, articulated bass, a present mid-range, and defined highs
  • Rubberized matte finish that doesn’t reflect light or show fingerprints
  • Logo free earpieces - keep them clean and simple or make them your own brand
  • Choose from three red and black color combinations: Classic, Jet Black, Marathon

Where: Based in Brooklyn, NY and ships internationally.

Why: No bullshit, just sound at an affordable price with Status Audio

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