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Solving the problems we had when we hit the water.

Who: WavesGear makes products to better outfit water-sport enthusiasts. But WavesGear products are just as useful for the casual poolside lounger as they are for the avid surfer. Get 30% off with promo code kinjaMT30 .


What: Micro-Fiber Towels offer more functionality than the everyday cotton towel:

  • Dry twice as fast
  • Takes up 78% less space
  • Covers more surface area (36”x60” and 10oz)
  • Easily fits in a gym bag, backpack, or carry-on.

Where: Based in Calistoga, California. Ships internationally.

Why: Saves space, dries quickly, doesn’t get grimy and with promo code kinjaMT30 you’ll save 30%.

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